1. Service

Enterprise Resource Planning

Our strategy is aligned to the growing digital needs of our customers and helping them through our customised softwares.

ERP(Enterprise Resource Planning) is used by the companies to mange all the important system of their business like Purchasing ,Inventory,Sales,Marketing,Finanace,Playrol,HR and Reports.

With the ERP all the department have their own system to manage but all of the system can be accessed through the same interface.

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Bizleaf delivers customer-centric enterprise mobility solution to their clients that accelerate innovation, proficient operation & business transformations.

Now a days, all are mostly use mobile compare to desktop.If we develop an application in mobile we can easily reach to the client .The corporate are looking to build a mobile app for their business because they got more reach from the client through mobile than desktop.

There are three main mobile app types we can explore for our mobile app development Web, Native and Hybrid. All three development paths hold intrinsic value, but which approach is right for our business is an important thing.

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Web & Cloud Engineering

Utilizing our wealth of enterprise experience, we deliver top-notch, flexible web application that are reliable, easy to maintain and deploy.

We deploy technologies which enhance the latest applications, to benefit for the users to access easily.Bizleaf ensures that the excellent quality of Web App is created for your business with an ideally presence in the global markets. Our dedicated team of Web Designers and Web Developers have expertise in diverse platforms and tools with advanced technologies, day-to-day researching extensive and innovative ideas on technologies and applications for potential customers.

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Quality Assurance

QA focuses on improving the processes to deliver Quality Products to the customer.

We use Quality Assurance to ensure that the product is designed and implemented with correct procedures. This helps reduce problems and errors, in the final product.The main aim of Quality control is to check whether the products meet the specifications and requirements of the customer. If an issue or problem is identified, it needs to be fixed before delivery to the customer. .

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